About the Observatory

APK Scan and formerly the Android Observatory is a web interface to a large repository of Android applications. It allows users to search or browse through thousands of Android apps and retrieve metadata for those apps. Details about how the former version of Android Observatory was built, along with a few use cases can be found in a research paper. The source-code is available at GitHub.

Database Download

If you would like a copy of the SQLite database, use the contact links below.


The Android Observatory was written by Daniel McCarney and David Barrera. Questions or comments about the extended version of Observatory -APK Scan- can be sent to Ilja Gerhardt.

Privacy Policy

APK Retention and Redistribution

All APKs and files uploaded to APK Scan are stored indefinitely on servers located inside Cryptix. APKs are kept for research purposes, and will never be shared, sold or distributed to any third-party. We do, however, make available the APK Scan database which contains parsed-out metadata from uploaded APKs.

Server Logs

Apache web server logs are kept for server statistics and debugging purposes. If you wish to upload an APK and not have your IP address logged, you should use Tor.

General Disclaimer

The APK Scan website and database are provided as-is, without any warranty. We run APK Scan as a free service in our spare time, and it could go away at any point.